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Most of us consider our home our heaven, the place we go to feel safe.  But every year, burglars violate over 2 million homes.  That is a burglary every 15 seconds!

Many times, the victims are careful people who think they are doing all the right things.

Below is a list that came from ~ a reformed burglar.  These just a few of the mistakes that he says homeowners make.

Top Mistakes That Make Homeowners Prime Targets for Burglars

Mistake # 1:  Leaving the burglar alarm off when you are running out for a few minutes.  Nearly all houses that are robbed have alarm systems that were not turned on!  Always set your alarm even if you are running out for 15 minutes.

Mistake #2:  Hiding valuables in the bedroom.  Keep money or jewelry in a home safe that has been bolted down or in a safe-deposit box.

Mistake #3:  Getting a big dog, most breeds are not barkers.  Small dogs are "yappers".  they get a lot of noise, so consider small dogs as well as large for protection.

Mistake #4: Hiding windows with landscaping. Tall bushes and shrubs allow burglars to jimmy windows without being seen.  Keep all bushes trimmed to below window.

Mistake #5:  Leaving the lights on.  A light that stays on all the time is no more of a deterent than a dark house.  In fact, it helps burglars see better once they are inside.  Better, use timers to turn lights on and off.

This is just a short list of things we as homeowners may overlook.

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